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Nonprofit Accountants Navigating the Unknown After the Pandemic

Nonprofits-coronavirusSince March, 87% of nonprofit organizations have experienced disruptions to their operations, according to the Center for Nonprofits. We have seen it with many of our nonprofit clients and have worked diligently with them to manage their funding issues and apply for assistance as offered through the CARES Act. Even with this extra support through the pandemic, more needs to be done to ensure local nonprofits and those throughout the country remain viable as they reopen and into the future. Now is the time for nonprofit directors and board members to re-evaluate fundraising efforts, operating reserves, and overall financial management processes. Numbers 4 Nonprofits is focused solely on supporting our clients’ missions in the work we do and we have a few ideas that can help charities push through into an uncertain future. Continue Reading

Handling Nonprofit Donor Complaints

The fear is always there: the fear of complaints from donors. It will eventually happen to your nonprofit if it has not happened yet. For those who have experienced donor complaints, the fear of a re-occurrence sometimes never subsides. The good news is that you do not need to keep that fear with you constantly… Continue Reading

Philanthropic Passion: Choosing a Nonprofit

Giving to others is part of human nature. We all want to support others because giving is about “making a difference.” Companies receive donation requests from multiple nonprofits monthly and for some companies the act of giving simply becomes habit. They write checks to the same nonprofit year after year without having a true passion… Continue Reading