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Creating a Successful Nonprofit Business Plan

nonprofit business planNonprofits and charities are usually not created from business plans but from so many emotions: fear, love, anger, happiness, pain, and passion. Causes that are a person’s passion usually see the most success in terms of the work done for the community as well as raising funds to keep that work going, but a business plan is still central to a nonprofit’s success. If you’re thinking about creating a nonprofit or want to update the foundation of your charity, here are a few basic ways to make that business plan work for you!


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Handling Nonprofit Donor Complaints

The fear is always there: the fear of complaints from donors. It will eventually happen to your nonprofit if it has not happened yet. For those who have experienced donor complaints, the fear of a re-occurrence sometimes never subsides. The good news is that you do not need to keep that fear with you constantly… Continue Reading