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Keeping Your “Bookkeeper” and Outsourcing Your Business Controls

bookkeeping_accountingSmall to mid-sized businesses and nonprofits tend to default to having one person control all of the business’s accounting functions, known fondly as “the bookkeeper.” Oftentimes this bookkeeper ends up being the company’s owner or nonprofit organization’s executive director. Aside from the capacity challenges of a high-level employee managing the books when they should be focused on managing the progression of the organization, having only one person performing the accounting can open doors to the potential for fraud. Continue Reading

Creating a Successful Nonprofit Business Plan

Nonprofits and charities are usually not created from business plans but from so many emotions: fear, love, anger, happiness, pain, and passion. Causes that are a person’s passion usually see the most success in terms of the work done for the community as well as raising funds to keep that work going, but a business… Continue Reading