Annual Budgeting

An annual budget assesses your organization’s financial health and guides future planning.

The budgeting process should involve experts familiar with the organization’s operations, including senior staff, finance committee members, and ideally, an experienced accountant. They will analyze past income and expenses to anticipate the upcoming year’s requirements.

Accountants Specialized in Nonprofit Budgets

Our accountants at Numbers 4 Nonprofits are experienced in building annual budgets and understand the intricacies of creating a nonprofit budget that will ensure fiscal accountability as well as drive your organization’s mission forward.

We work with our clients to:

  • Develop their budget timeline
  • Determine program goals within their budget
  • Highlight current financial status
  • Estimate expenses and income based on previous years’ trends
  • Review draft budget with key players prior to board approval

Budget Accounting Accuracy

Deciding whether various income and expense activities are helping you achieve your organization’s mission is one way we add budgeting value to our nonprofit clients. From understanding the importance of properly assessing tax exemption nuances to confirming restricted contributions are properly accounted for on your Form 990 filing, our accountants have the expertise to help guide the financial operations of your nonprofit.

Learn more about our suggestions for proper nonprofit budgeting and contact us for more information on this service and others we provide.