Cash Flow Projections

Cash flow is the transfer of money into and out of your accounts.

A cash flow projection is a tool that tracks revenue and expenses and how those funds exchange hands. An accurate cash flow projection gives you a step up in managing the financial needs of your organization, hence why cash flow is king.

The Importance of Cash Flow Projections

  • Will you have enough cushion to pay your staff at the end of the first quarter when donations may be low?
  • Will you have enough in your account to make the down payment on the room you are renting for your big fundraising event?
  • When will the grant funding begin and will the funds be allocated properly?

Just like a for-profit business, nonprofits manage payments for programs and services.

The difference is that while a for-profit may increase customer fees for goods and services, nonprofits must consider more than one source of income including donors, government funding, and grant foundations. That complexity adds to the need for understanding your cash flow on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

The staff at Numbers 4 Nonprofits takes the time to understand your organization’s mission, goals, and funding to build a cash flow projection that is both accurate and meaningful for your staff and board.

Your organization’s programming and operations are unique, and our goal is to help you feel comfortable that the strategic decisions you make will be amply funded. The cash flow projection we provide is tailored to your organization’s long-term success and helps avoid financial strain when contributions arrive lower than expected.