These are some frequently asked questions when it comes to partnering with Numbers 4 Nonprofits to improve financial operations for nonprofit organizations.

We believe so, primarily because using outsourced, expert accounting brings a level of experience to your organization that can help you make informed decisions thanks to timely and accurate financial data. Additionally, outsourced accountants can help you fulfill your legal and ethical obligation to the communities you aim to serve.

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) is responsible for creating the generally accepted accounting principles (known as the GAAP). These principles create standardization when it comes to preparing and presenting financial statements.

Though we are committed to our clients’ long-term success, we are fairly flexible with our contract terms beyond our minimums ($1,000/month, or hourly rates starting at $125/hour). The best way for us to establish a plan that is tailored to your needs is to contact us by filling out the survey below.