Managing Money With Mission

ABCs of Ensuring Full PPP Loan Forgiveness for Your Nonprofit

Payment_protection_programNonprofits and organizations are starting to bounce back after the lost year that was 2020 and at this point in 2021 should be wrapping up their reporting for the Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”). Many organizations chose to participate in this loan program to offset eligible payroll costs during the pandemic. The program is still open – but time is running out to apply. Continue Reading

Five Nonprofit Accounting Practices to Review Annually

There are always changes that can be implemented at your nonprofit or business that will make your operations more efficient, especially when it comes to accounting practices. It’s hard to realize your organization may be working with multiple inefficiencies since you’re “in the weeds” with day-to-day work.  Unless something goes wrong, why change it? The… Continue Reading

Identity Theft Warning: Unemployment Benefits

We are heading into tax filing season and the IRS is seeing an uptick in taxpayers receiving form 1099-G even though they never filed for unemployment during 2020 and the COVID-19 Pandemic. If you or any of your employees received the form yet never filed, identity theft is likely and someone may have received benefits… Continue Reading

March 2020 Virtual Breakfast with Benefits

Tuesday, March 9, 2021 8-9 am “How to Operate Completely in the Cloud” Presented by: Matt Eberly Senior Technology Consultant, IT Team Manager DANEnet Matt will discuss transitioning away from on-premise servers and services to be able to operate completely in the cloud.   Matt has worked for DANEnet since 2002. He has a BA and… Continue Reading