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Remote Audits Aren’t Going Anywhere

remote-auditingRemote audits in 2020 proved to be so valuable, some firms are leveraging the technology by going another step further, taking deep dives into cybersecurity risks and searching harder for fraud. Auditors will be heading back to their offices soon and while many will still prefer to meet in person with their clients, some large firms discovered they can tap into auditors with special skills from any of their locations around the country saving time and money.  As a nonprofit, or for-profit, here are the three most important ways to prepare for a remote audit. Continue Reading

A Fractional CFO For Your Nonprofit

When you hear about “fractional CFOs” you probably aren’t thinking about hiring one for your nonprofit. But, having a part-time Chief Financial Officer / Controller to advise your executive team could be the part that’s missing to help your nonprofit grow. Fractional CFOs are starting to become more common place, not just for large companies… Continue Reading