You Can Still Help Your Local Nonprofits While Quarantined

Volunteer-From-HomeAs most of us practice social distancing, working from home, holding school at home, or learning new things at home, we are all getting used to a new way of life for the foreseeable future. Even in the midst of these changes, you do still have the opportunity to help local nonprofits who may be struggling through a decrease in donations since their doors are closed. They have lost many volunteers. We have a few ideas you could try to help your favorite local charity from the comfort of your own home.

Social Media Fundraising for a Nonprofit

You may have seen this on your Facebook newsfeed or already done it yourself: “So-And-So is raising money for ’Such-and-Such Charity‘ for their birthday!” You don’t need to be celebrating a birthday to run a social media fundraising project for the nonprofit of your choice.

If you’ve never done this on Facebook, it’s really easy!

Click to start a post then look below that line and there are three different options, such as “photo/video” you can click on.  Click on the three little dots at the far right. The drop-down menu will show 8 different options, one of which is “Support Nonprofit.” Once you click on that option, you will select the nonprofit of choice, and write your post. You can see step by step how to do that below.














Volunteering for Nonprofits While at Home

While many nonprofits are closed, they may still need volunteers for office help, client help, or event help. You can always reach out and ask if there is anything from home you might be able to help with. You could call an area assisted living home and ask if you can write letters to the residents. You could sort through your canned goods and donate to a food bank. Some crisis hotline centers are looking for crisis counselors to become digital counselors.

You can also donate blood through the Red Cross. You must schedule an appointment as they are following social distancing protocol at the blood centers, but the need is great and now is a good time to be helping with this kind of donation.

You could grocery shop for friends or neighbors who are elderly or immunocompromised. They may not be able to leave their home and might struggle with coordinating online grocery orders for delivery, and would appreciate a helping hand from a friend.

Here are many other ideas for you!

The best thing to do right now if you want to help is to reach out and ask what you can do for them.

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