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Nonprofit Accountants Navigating the Unknown After the Pandemic

Nonprofits-coronavirusSince March, 87% of nonprofit organizations have experienced disruptions to their operations, according to the Center for Nonprofits. We have seen it with many of our nonprofit clients and have worked diligently with them to manage their funding issues and apply for assistance as offered through the CARES Act. Even with this extra support through the pandemic, more needs to be done to ensure local nonprofits and those throughout the country remain viable as they reopen and into the future. Now is the time for nonprofit directors and board members to re-evaluate fundraising efforts, operating reserves, and overall financial management processes. Numbers 4 Nonprofits is focused solely on supporting our clients’ missions in the work we do and we have a few ideas that can help charities push through into an uncertain future. Continue Reading

When Your Development Director Fails at Fundraising

Everyone in the nonprofit world understands how challenging it can be to raise money.  Developing brand awareness and donor relationships doesn’t happen overnight. Turnover in the development area of nonprofits is very typical and the market is tight right now. When your development director leaves or does not meet expectations, how do you find the… Continue Reading

Planning a Capital Campaign for Your Nonprofit

At some point, many nonprofits require a targeted campaign to raise funds for a specific project, usually for a building construction or remodeling project. There is enormous effort that goes into a capital campaign which may span several years as the organization raises millions of dollars. While planning such a large-scale campaign may seem daunting,… Continue Reading

The New Tax Law and Charitable Giving

There is a lot of concern among nonprofits when it comes to individual donations in 2018 and beyond because of the new tax law. Estimates from the American Enterprise Institute show charities could take in $16 billion to $17 billion LESS than what they received in 2017. Here’s why it’s happening and another possible change… Continue Reading