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Accountants Evolving with the Marketplace

accounting_technology_Historically, workplace environments thrived in “silos” for their employees: the sales folks stay over here, the marketing folks over there, the accountants in the back. Notice how the word “thrived” is in past tense as the world has changed and businesses are trying to catch up with the constant churn. Accounting agencies are looking for new employees who not only have the necessary finance skills but also have strengths in other areas outside their “comfort zones.” Continue Reading

Five Nonprofit Accounting Practices to Review Annually

There are always changes that can be implemented at your nonprofit or business that will make your operations more efficient, especially when it comes to accounting practices. It’s hard to realize your organization may be working with multiple inefficiencies since you’re “in the weeds” with day-to-day work.  Unless something goes wrong, why change it? The… Continue Reading

Identity Theft Warning: Unemployment Benefits

We are heading into tax filing season and the IRS is seeing an uptick in taxpayers receiving form 1099-G even though they never filed for unemployment during 2020 and the COVID-19 Pandemic. If you or any of your employees received the form yet never filed, identity theft is likely and someone may have received benefits… Continue Reading

Keeping Your “Bookkeeper” and Outsourcing Your Business Controls

Small to mid-sized businesses and nonprofits tend to default to having one person control all of the business’s accounting functions, known fondly as “the bookkeeper.” Oftentimes this bookkeeper ends up being the company’s owner or nonprofit organization’s executive director. Aside from the capacity challenges of a high-level employee managing the books when they should be… Continue Reading