Accounting in the Cloud

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The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us all about adapting to the world we live in and how much can change instantly, including our jobs and how we complete tasks virtually. While working from home isn’t new to the accounting world, the lack of face-to-face meetings and providing accounting services all via the cloud certainly is. If you haven’t transitioned your accounting processes to a cloud-based system, here are a few reasons to consider doing that now.

Cloud Access Anywhere for Accountants

We are a society accustomed to instant access. That becomes very difficult if everything is stored on an office computer, hard drive, or server that can’t be accessed off-site. When many started working from home, there was that moment of panic when we thought, “Wait! How do I access X, Y, and Z? How can I complete this task from home?” While some businesses opted for issuing work laptops loaded with software and files, many began turning to cloud services to allow access remotely. The ability to access accounting files and software from anywhere not only keeps everyone safer at home, but can also improve productivity during this time and in the future as we constantly evolve to the changing world around us.

Accounting Cloud Collaboration

Collaboration throughout the organization can be enhanced by also using a team software that allows instant communication between co-workers. Team communication software, such as Slack, allows groups to discuss specific client projects, message with ideas or questions, and coordinate meetings virtually. While we all may still want “face-to-face” interaction, this cloud collaboration is easy to use and provides efficiency in workflows. Integration between team and accounting software can make it extremely easy to share documents when needed, not to mention reduce paper kept in filing cabinets. Imagine, cutting down on all that paperwork!

Accessing Accounting Files Stored in the Cloud

The safety and confidentiality of accounting documents and client files is always a top priority we and all accounting firms think about. While hackers are always going to try to breach firewalls and gain access to information, all cloud services have encryption keys that protect vital information. When using the cloud it is important to either learn about proper encryption yourself or have an IT specialist readily available to keep all your accounting information under lock and key. Many cloud services offer numerous encryption codes with various levels of security to allow specific access of particular files to certain staff. Two-tier authentication as well as VPNs are also great ways to keep important information locked down.

While it has been hard on all of us not being able to meet with our clients in-person as well as have coffee breaks or happy hours, these can all be done virtually! Schedule them with co-workers and clients! Change is hard, but change like this for a business will prove beneficial now and into the future.

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