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Outsourcing Your Accounting Services

Nonprofit organizations, and accountants, understand the need to count every penny. Staying on track with your strategic plan and achieving your goals is based largely on how your organization manages its money. Is your accountant on staff as knowledgeable as you have come to expect? Do they have the benefit of industry perspective and continually… Continue Reading

Your Nonprofit and Reserve Funds

Since it is perfectly acceptable for a nonprofit to make a profit throughout the course of a year, the question often asked is, “how much should be left in reserves?” The answer is tricky. Having excess reserves can limit your donors’ willingness to give and having too little could cause your nonprofit to struggle operationally… Continue Reading

Nonprofits Shouldn’t Overlook their Accountants

Most, if not all, nonprofits need to work within a tight budget. Programs, salaries, capital projects, building maintenance – none of these line-items are free. Many executive directors and board members are trying to find ways to decrease expenses, but tightening your organization’s purse strings in the areas of accounting assistance and bookkeeping may end… Continue Reading