Managing Money With Mission


“When I arrived at the Colonial Club in 2008, the accounting system was in dire need of improvement. After a couple of attempts that essentially kept things at status quo, I was encouraged to meet with Nick and consider retaining his services. Fast forward four years and it simply isn’t the struggle it used to be. Nick’s ability to present timely and accurate financials makes the work of the Board of Directors and the Finance Committee much easier than it used to be. Without hesitation, I would recommend Nick and his work to others.”

– Robert J. Power, Executive Director of Colonial Club

“When I first started at Neighborhood House, it was the first time that I had been involved with a Not for Profit that had contracted out their accounting and financial services. I was a bit concerned. Nick Curran quickly calmed my concerns. Nick was very knowledgeable about not for profit accounting, and he had a detailed understanding of our specific organization/mission. Nick and Numbers 4 Nonprofits not only provides a full accounting service, but also provides a very valued consultation service to our Staff and Board of Directors. I highly recommend Nick and Numbers 4 Nonprofits.”

– Dan Foley, Retired Executive Director of Neighborhood House

“Nick does an outstanding job of providing timely and accurate monthly financials. He is always available to answer questions even if it’s not his day at our office. He gives valuable insight at Finance Committee meetings and is willing to help present budgets at full board meetings. Nick will do his job well and will help your staff stay true to your mission. He holds me accountable and expects me to hold him accountable. I fully trust Nick and value him as part of our team.”

– Kristin Rucinksi, Executive Director of The Road Home Dane County

“I am very happy to have Nick and Numbers 4 Nonprofits as part of the team at the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families. Having a good handle on finances is essential to any business, and is particularly important for cash strapped non-profits. With Nick, I have complete confidence in our financial statements and financial projections. That gives me, as Executive Director, one less thing to worry about, and allows me to focus my attention on our mission.”

– Ken Taylor, Executive Director of Wisconsin Council on Children & Families

“As the head of a nonprofit you’re responsible for all facets of your agency so it’s important that your leadership team be top notch. Having Numbers 4 Nonprofits on that team is a sure guarantee that you will have all the financial information to ensure the success of your organization.”

– Dora Zúñiga, Former Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Dane County, Inc.

“Nick Curran has been an integral part in helping our organization flourish. His talented insights and guidance have been invaluable. Nick is also just a great guy to work with.

Having Nick as part of our team has made a very meaningful difference in the positive growth we are now enjoying.”

– Jacqueline R Moen, Executive Director of Common Threads Family Resource Center